Scared Nervous Woman

We understand, and we can help!

The worst part about being scared of the dentist is that it may prevent you from getting the care you need. As well as being in pain or experiencing embarrassment due to missing or damaged teeth, avoiding the dentist can result in further damage and more costly repairs down the line. Instead, choose the gentle and caring team at our office. If you’re scared of the dentist, call us today at (916) 331-6288 and ask about the measures we can take.

When you visit our office, we promise you a relaxing experience like no other. (Or, at least much more gentle and caring than you may have had in the past.) Especially if it’s been a while since your last dental exam, cleaning, and X-rays, today’s modern dentistry has progressed a lot in the areas of pain management. Furthermore, our team has genuine care and understanding when it comes to dental fears and anxieties, and we are here to work with you to get the care you need.

About Dental Anxieties

Dental anxieties can take many forms. They can range from mild uneasiness to physical reactions such as a panic attack. Additionally, every person responds differently to the stress of a dental appointment. Some people, unfortunately, may suffer in silence without alerting us to their unique condition. Instead, be sure to communicate your needs to any of our team members, and we’ll be happy to accommodate you however possible.

Tips If You’re Scared

  • Bring a companion for support. You’ll feel more relaxed and assured knowing you have a trusted friend or relative with you.
  • Make an early appointment. Being well-rested helps reduce stress, and you’ll have less time beforehand to worry.
  • Be positive! Rest assured that you’re in the caring hands of professionals, and concentrate on the benefits of addressing dental problems and improving oral health. Also, remember the obstacles or adversities you’ve overcome in the past and tell yourself, “I can do it. This is nothing!”
  • Don’t talk about upcoming appointments. Friends and family members may share a bad experience, not knowing they’re contributing to your stress and anxiety.
  • Share your anxieties with our team! We have additional strategies for coping with dental fear, and we’re always happy to take it slow, explain the process, and make sure you are 100% comfortable during treatment!