3D X-Rays Antelope, CA

Vatech® cone beam 3D imaging.

3D X-RaysThe Vatech® Green CT 2 provides advanced dental imaging using cone beam CT technology. It is a complete X-ray platform, versatile enough to create panoramic, cephalometric, as well as 3D X-rays.

With a single pass of the scanning arm, we can create an entire 3D model of your mouth—capturing teeth, jaw, and the surrounding soft tissue in higher quality imagery than ever before.

By allowing us to look at the problem from all angles, these 3D images provide information that is vital to proper diagnosis and optimal treatment planning. We often use this capability for things such as dental implants, orthodontic treatment, periodontal disease, TMJ, sleep apnea, and many others.

Additionally, the Vatech® Green CT 2 can create conventional 2D panoramic X-rays (all the teeth at once), cephalometric images (the entire head), as well as smaller “bitewing” images of specific treatment areas.

Benefits of 3D X-rays

  • Scan takes only 2-14 seconds
  • Patients receive the lowest possible dose of radiation
  • Immediate image capture and display
  • Improved diagnosis and treatment planning
  • Enhanced precision placing restorations
  • Creates 3D models as well as 2D panoramic, cephalometric, bitewing, etc.