Woman Looking at Her TeethWhenever you find yourself brushing or flossing in front of a mirror, take the opportunity to really look inside your mouth. Self-Examination is the first line of defense in detecting potential problems… and the earlier, the better!

Open wide and look at all the soft tissues, watching for any unusual changes such as unexplained white or red patches, pain, swelling, or oral lesions. Most of the time, these are simply an injury from biting your lip, a burn from hot food, or an irritation due to salty or acidic foods. However, sores and patches that don’t heal after a period of 1-2 weeks can be a sign of trouble. More and more, researchers are recognizing that many systemic diseases show warning signs in the mouth. The most common of these include oral cancer, diabetes, leukemia, heart disease, and kidney disease.

Nobody knows your mouth as you do! So trust your instincts and contact us for an appointment if you have any unexplained changes like swelling, oral lesions, or pain.