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Dentures: Are They For You?

Dentures Are A Replacement For Natural Teeth For patients who have missing or failing teeth, dentures may be the best replacement option. Rather than waiting for teeth to gradually get replaced one by one, consider scheduling consultation for dentures. We'll discuss your treatment options and answer any questions you have about the process. Call us today at (916) 331-6288. How does it work? Dentures typically take a few appointments to [...]

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Dentures so Natural Looking…

Only Your Dentist Knows For Sure! With so many advances in modern dentistry, fewer people need full dentures. But for those that do have missing teeth, dentures and partials are more natural-looking and discreet than ever. We can customize a complete restoration to fit your appearance (including considerations for skin, hair, and eye color) or blend partials to match remaining natural teeth. As you age (and particularly if you wear [...]

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In Need of a Dental Tune Up?

Options are Available to Improve an Aging Smile Are you at the point in life where most everything still works, but there's just no denying that you're getting a little older? Maybe you hear your joints creak, and you've started wearing glasses to read. Your hairstylist suggests new ways to cover the gray... The same thing happens with your teeth–they simply aren't as young as they used to be. Teeth [...]

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