2015 Resolutions ListStop smoking. Lose 30 pounds. Exercise at the gym three times a week. No wonder most “New Years’ Resolutions” barely make it to January 31.

Lighten up on yourself. And make some dental New Years’ Resolutions you know you can keep:

  1. A hygiene visit every six months. It’s the simplest way to prevent developing dental problems. You don’t have to do a thing except show up!
  2. Brush and floss in the morning, and again before bedtime. Practicing dental hygiene twice daily more than doubles the benefits to your oral health.
  3. Spare molars ice crushing duty. The cold, hard surface of an ice cube can cause microscopic cracks in the enamel. If you must munch ice, stick with a snow cone!
  4. Use tools instead of teeth. Put an end to cutting thread and pulling staples with incisors. Give the job to scissors and staple removers.
  5. Help teeth survive the sporting life by getting fitted with a mouthguard. Then don’t forget to wear it!
  6. To stop “eating sticky.” Especially if you wear braces, sticky foods like caramels or dried fruit can be tough on teeth. If you like dried apricots … give fresh apricots a try instead!