Abscess Removal

Abscess Removal Antelope, CA

Treatment for an infected and abscessed tooth.

An abscess is a pocket of infection that forms around the root of your tooth. Then, in an effort to isolate the infection, your body naturally creates a barrier around the area. While at first there may be no visible symptoms, redness and painful swelling of the gums usually follows. Unless treated, the abscess will continue to grow and eventually threatens everything that it contacts (including teeth, jawbone, gums, and connective tissues). To stop this from occurring, we provide abscess removal.

What does it involve?

Though it may sound intense, removing an abscess is a routine treatment and nothing to worry about. Furthermore, it’s the first step toward relieving your pain and improving your oral health. So don’t delay seeking treatment any longer!

To remove the abscess, we drain the infection, relieving the swelling and reducing pain. In more serious cases, a root canal procedure may also be needed to remove infected pulp inside the tooth. We may also prescribe an antibiotic to help fight the infection and prevent its spread.

If you experience symptoms of an infection such as pain or swelling, then please call us at (916) 331-6288. We can provide an assessment to determine what treatment is right for you and if you require abscess removal.